experiments, 2023

I just spent a few minutes going back through the ‘experiments’ tag in my filesystem for this year, which is where I store the results of playing around with techniques, sometimes because I have an idea, sometimes because I saw a ‘how do I do this in Illustrator’ post that felt interesting enough to open up Illustrator. Here’s a few I’m especially happy with.

variable width line + zero-length dashes with curved endcaps * transform effect with multiple scaled/rotated copies

zig zags + rounded corners * blend * stick it in a pattern brush and vary the stroke width = this is so much less tedious than using a Spirograph

there are so many strokes rendered on each of these paths, omfg

I’m really pleased with this randomized rainbow mosaic, it is a gradient stroke with the dotted-line trick going on and a lot of roughening to produce a somewhat randomized rainbow, then a halftone effect on top of that to turn it into grids. I should use this as a background for something sometime.

That’s it without the halftone.


I’m not happy with this one yet, it’s an attempt to create some randomized fire. I’ve got perfectly fine effects stacks for fire and energy crackles but it’s worth playing around.

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