automatic vaporwave or something

So tonight I decided to fool around with some appearance stacks I developed while drawing insane furry porn on something a little more… shareable outside the horny furry zones, y’know?

This took me ten minutes to draw. No pre-planning. Just derping out some shapes on autopilot. A tiny bit of added highlighting, but mostly this is Illustrator doing all kinds of stuff automatically.

That’s all I drew. Eighty paths.

Twenty minutes more of fooling around and I had this. Pretty neat.

Another ten added this. Neat.

45 minutes in now. No plans at all, just drawing shapes and improvising.

Fifteen minutes more. One hour total. All this in one hour.


I drew the simplest, dumbest shapes, and Illustrator applied a few fairly simple transformations to them and airbrushed nice gradients on them for me. Here and there I used Astute’s Opacity Brush to smooth out transitions. But all this nifty abstracted detail happened with no intervention on my part.

I feel like I could get some interesting work by throwing together a few more pieces like this and shopping it around. Dunno if I want to.

If you wanna see how it works then source is over on Patreon.

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