Behold My Radiance

This is your occasional reminder that I am still burning with the phoenix-like flame of self-reinvention that is commonly known as “being a transsexual”. My transition started around 2005 and is pretty much a done deal; I get female pronouns from total strangers. Estrogen’s been kind to me, and my mother was unfailingly supportive of this journey while she was still alive.

Illustrator, about 1h.

I drew this one really quickly, just picking up existing graphic styles for drawing dragon-me and slapping down rough shapes with no preliminary sketch. I should do this more often, though it does have the problem of requiring a bit more focus than scribbling away on a linear sketch – I have to think about colors at the same time as pose and anatomy. Though of course it’s super easy to just lay down really loose shapes then come back and get them to more vaguely resemble anatomy; the head was just a vague oval with three eyes for like 2/3 of the time I worked on this. Eventually I drew a rough dragon snoot on top of it, reshaped it to have some semblance of the planes around eyesockets and cheeks, and added some highlights.

The lines radiating out from the center were drawn as a bunch of parallel lines; I then used Astute’s Super Marquee tool on ‘random’ mode to select some of them and turn them into dashed lines, then made them all into an art brush and drew a couple of big circles with them.

This is a pretty simple way to quickly make some focus lines. Or generally create some kind of graphic device, there’s a lot of op tricks you can do this way too.

Also the background lines are actually just a solid Pride With Trans/PoC Module Flag drawing with gaps between a bunch of black lines generated by Astute’s Offset effect. I could have done something similar with line blends but this plugin makes it stupidly easy to do this sort of stuff, especially once you get the hang of its accompanying tool.

The black dragon probably pops more without them but I have just really been enjoying doing a lot of art that vibrates lately.

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