A Perfectly Safe Tourist Map, Nothing More

Once upon a time, long long ago in the misty forgotten year of 1984, New Orleans hosted a World’s Fair. The fair’s mascot was a dapper pelican named Seymore D. Fair.

Walking through the French Quarter today, I had the idea of an egregiously fake map. One that was backwards and upside-down. One that would get tourists in massive trouble if they believed its cartoon mascot’s repeated insistence that it was perfectly safe and completely not lies. Or one that would at least send them off on wild goose chases to the ass end of the suburbs in search of the “Witchery & Voodoo District” that it claimed was out there.

I do not think I actually want to put the time in to make this happen but I was amused enough by the concept to spend a couple of hours drawing this instead of working on commissions like I was intending to do at the cafe.

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