I spent all 4/20 fitfully dozing while my body made a shit-ton of antibodies after the second dose of the ‘ronavax. So you get a 420 drawing a day late.

I thought it would be funny to generate every color in this drawing by using various overlaid blending modes on one green swatch. If you want to see how I did it (“lots of Graphic Styles”, mostly), the Illustrator 2020 source file’s available on my Patreon.

Also I am incredibly delighted that I have maneuvered my life to a point where “drawing a couple of my fursonæ stonedly flirting with one of my SO’s fursonæ” is a thing that I get paid to do, holy shit, Patreon is such a great thing and I am so glad I have this many people willing to give me a few bucks a month to keep on drawing what I like drawing.

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