Silicon Dawn 2nd Ed Kickstarter? Maybe…

Today I found out that the only copies of the Silicon Dawn left online all seem to be in the hands of people who are pricing them starting around $300. Which I guess means it’s time to drive the price back down by kickstarting a new edition or something, as this fact came from someone on Facebook who wanted to buy a copy but quite understandably didn’t want to spend that kind of cash.

(Incidentally, it seems the best way to get Facebook to show your Pages to people is to tell it you want to delete them. Which is a thing I did while thinking about deleting my entire Facebook account.)

I have a list of changes I’d make to the deck that I put together about a year ago. It’s not a very long list, despite me drawing the deck a decade ago; I’d be fixing a couple of minor errors in the first edition, tweaking the art on one or two cards, fiddling with the book some, and maybe printing it at a larger size. I should be able to outsource fulfillment and future sales. Maybe even talk with Lo Scarabeo about helping out on the European fulfillment, shipping worldwide is murderous otherwise.

The more simply I can do this, the better. Kickstarters are Serious Work and I’d really rather be focusing on drawing Parallax and figuring out how to move to Los Angeles so I don’t lose another winter to the lack of sunlight here in Seattle. But keeping Dawn available feels both important and useful.

Right now, I should stop thinking about this. My D&D game starts soon.

  1. I grabbed the silicon dawn tarot just before it became suddenly unaffordable, and I think I can say it’s changed my life. I read from the deck a LOT to work through my gender identity and spiritual journey, and I’d love to have another copy, especially printed at a larger size.

  2. I deeply regret not buying a copy of Silcon Dawn before the less than scrupulous sellers jacked up the price. I would definitely be interested in a second printing. That’s actually how I found your blog today–I was trying to find out if there would be another run of the deck. Even if it’s not something you can do in the near future, I do hope you are able to make this gorgous deck available again.

  3. I only became seriously interested in tarot recently, and when I saw this most stunning deck. It was an instant surge of connection and excitement followed shortly by deep dismay when I saw sellers with sketchy ratings asking for $500-1500 for a copy. A kickstarter for a second edition would be incredible!

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