a day, vaguely documented

Yesterday was “hourly comics day”. The goal seems to be to draw something about your day every hour. I decided to do it. So witness a fairly typical day in the life of ME!

The “accidentally spending five hours playing video games” is, thankfully, rare. This is the first time in a long time I’ve done that without knowing full well I’d decided to spend the day having a vacation from reality. And those are also PRETTY RARE.

I think I read for like a half hour before going to bed.

Today’s the end of Saturday and I still haven’t quite finished the piece of art I was working on while (spending too much time and energy) drawing this. All I’ve got is some bookcases to fill in in the background so it shouldn’t be too hard to finish up! My comment about “finishing that card Sunday” was made while I was under the impression it was Saturday; I lose track of the week sometimes.

I blew a lot of energy on moving that door but I’m glad to FINALLY have it out of the way – it’s been leaning against the wall in the living room since a few months after I moved in here.

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