happily empty shelves

I’m putting stuff from the con away. I went out there with, um, 24 copies of the deck, and 20 copies of the Rita book. I shipped home nine decks and seven books.

I left six copies of the deck at home. I’ve got fifteen of ’em left now.

I just ordered about eighty more from Llewellyn at the artist price, so I’ll have some at ECCC, as well as at AC and probably Rainfurrest. Llewellyn tells me they’re down to about 250 decks in the warehouse, including what I’ve ordered, so if you’ve been wanting one and haven’t gotten one yet, you might want to order one as I think it’ll be out of print soon. I should poke Lo Scarabeo to see what kind of stock they have on their end, and if they’re thinking of doing a second printing.

Had I mentioned Further Confusion was really good? Because Further Confusion was really good.

Foolscap is next week; I’ll probably be spending some time there but I’m not planning to be dealing or putting stuff in the art show.

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