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  1. This one was kinda hard to read. Any chance you could make the text bigger/better contrast next time?

    • It’s a constant dance between how much dialogue Nick’s written and the compositional needs. I do try to make it legible but I really can’t be sure how it’s going to look on everyone’s monitors due to varying dot pitch, gamma settings, and browsers that ignore the color info I stick in the images…

  2. I’m still trying to figure out what Abby stole from the Nick-cameo, to make him so enraged in the top left panel. Almost looks like Abby’s holding a boob implant or something? Or is that just his wallet/purse?

    • It’s his purse. I was hoping that adding a few more coins falling out would make it obvious, but I guess I’ll just have to add him saying “MY PURSE!” or something for the final volume. Ah well.

    • It’s a spree of petty crime, to follow up stealing a national treasure and blowing up a building.

      Panels 1 & 2: Absinthe steals some guy’s purse.
      Panels 3-5: Absinthe steals a dress.
      Panel 6: Absinthe steals a basket and gets cursed; the magic bounces off of her.

  3. I love the color splashes as they have progressed through the current pages!

    I’m also going to put in my line saying that I wish this page was 25% larger so I could really see and read some parts of it. I completely misread the “coins” as little…robotic nanobugs, until I read the comments here! I don’t think its a monitor issue between computers really, or a hue/dithering problem. It is just on the small side to viably read the visual clues, I’m finding myself squinting a lot!

    Still, beautiful!

  4. Unfortunately, if you have to step in and explain the comic, then it doesn’t work. Sorry kiddo. Lovely drawings though.

    • What if some people get the comic and a few people just… kinda don’t? There are some people who just don’t clue into things very well.

      Sorry kiddo.

  5. Mmm, I love it the way it is. The text pulls you closer to the world, and like any good comic you can run your eyes over the flow picking up new elements every time.

    I may be more familiar with the story, but still, it’s great and I can’t wait for the dead tree version.

  6. I got it–I’m just confused why:
    1.) Hester didn’t tell the guy at the front desk to take the rest of the day off as she left…
    2.) In panel 2, I feel that the order of the speech bubbles goes against the natural r-l reading order of english…because of the tail of bubble one dribbling down into panel 3, I followed that tail and almost didn’t see the rest of panel 2. I would get rid of the tail, I think it would read just as well.

    • RE #1: Why should she be any saner than Absinthe? 🙂

      At the risk of being too explicit, yeah, other people don’t really register on Hester’s radar either.

      She’s not as callous as Absinthe can be, and she’s not actively hostile, but… MY GOD, WOMAN, SHE HAS *BOOKS* TO SAVE! The people will take care of themselves! Maybe. Or something. 🙂

  7. Absinthe made the cute happy robot girl sad.

    That, to me, had a bigger impact than all the explosions and carnage thus far.

    Flamboyant sociopathy is one thing, but that’s just MEAN.

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