King of Wands

Air of Earth.

A pause amidst activity: building a new home high above the planet. His knowledge is hands-on and solid; he’s engaged with the world. As solid as the steel he stands upon, he forges the bones for something new. Is that Earth above him, or is that some other world he’s voyaged to? This man gets things *done*. Stolid and focused on his goals, not the ephemera of the plans.

He doesn’t lead. He just *does*, and other people follow. And what he builds will usually stay built. On the other hand, sometimes he can be a bit bull-headed. (No wonder he’s associated with Aries and Taurus). “He meant what he said and he said what he meant.” But you can trust his word. One hundred percent.

He knows the risks of his job. His protection is more ceremonial than useful; he works without a net. When he falls, it’s a long long way to the ground; so long he might burn up before he hits it. But if he does land it will be with a mighty thud.

He’s not too proud to use the newest tools, but he’s wary of using them for the wrong job. Sometimes all you need is a plain old hammer and the knowledge of exactly where to put the nail; sometimes you need an exotic matter plug set with a railgun.