The Root of the Powers of Earth

This is the bottom, the base matter under it all. This is the bounty of the universe, ready to give herself to us. A physical birth, the beginnings of what some might call a new Aeon – but the truth of continuous creation is that *every* moment is potentially the beginning of a new aeon. One layering of complexity begets another one, once the revolution has become the new baseline.

The raw material of the world, the passive physical force. That which upon the light of our minds can reflect. (You’ll notice she’s pitch-black, unlike the other Aces. She’s the closest one to the Void, the furthest one away from the transcendent consciousness of the Universe.)

So here’s the raw materials. Here’s the blank canvas sitting in front of you with all the varieties of paint you could ever want. What will you make with her? She wants to grow, she’s eager to do so – give her a pattern and she’ll serve you well. She’s the dark lady of Chaos, waiting to breed complexity in (her) fractal womb. (Can you see the patterns in it?)

She’ll take you to the stars. All she wants in return is you. How could she want more?