So much honey, so much bounty of the mindless happy working of the bees! So much to be happy for and so much to praise. There’s so much for the bee-queen to be generous with. She would be gathering power and influence if she was human, but she doesn’t care – generating too much of this is what she *does*, and giving it out to honeysippers relieves her of having to figure out how to *store* it!

It’s easier to just let it pour down from the moon, through the faint glimmers of the cage that holds reality, and into the waiting hands of her lovers. They’re dark here, but this many-times-reflected sunshine will light up their insides and let them tell stories in all of the colors of the rainbow.

It is here that the raw primal power is refracted in a sixfold prism to become the electromagnetic spectrum (a mystery further expounded upon in the corresponding Major). To be precise, these are the preparations for that.

To be more prosaic, this is about the right time for you to give something to your followers. Who can succeed without followers, after all?

(I like bee butts and I can not lie…)