“Agathla, centuries aslumber, shivers in its sleep with splenetic splendor, and spreads abroad a seismic spasm with the supreme suavity of a vagabond volcano.” – Geo. Herriman

The tower’s come down and its recluse is out in the world. Earthy disasters await – chasms yawn in quakes, the sleeping dragon turns below the ground and vomits magma from its throat. But that’s off in the distance. Right here, right now, on this little plot of land, the ash will make for rich, rich soil to grow a future in.

But that future’s going to cost a lot of hard, back-breaking work. Think the former ivory tower inhabitant is up to it? Her dark friend certainly is; she’s willing to wear the pants in this farmer’s gothic.

Can’t help keep casting nervous glances at that lava, though. In her dreams it pours over her like Pompeii.