Water of Air.

A stern taskmistress, a trickster, a librarian. She stores away facts and hints to arrive at surprising conclusions, and will use them however she sees fit. Her social mask is carefully constructed and worn with deliberation; now and then she lets people see beneath it. A little fey, a little alien. What’s she planning when she looks at you? She’s the only Queen who will. And why is she wearing a fox mask, anyway?

Her mirror is her stories, the ones she keeps and treasures. Are they about you? Are they about her? Are they about others? And will she share?

Mannered and seemingly unapproachable; remote and tightly wrapped. Get to know her and perhaps she’ll reward you. She might not; she’s kind of picky. Kind of prickly, too; watch out for her sharp edges. There’s an endless network of tight-wound steel in the cage of her heart, and it can cut you to fragments if it’s opened. Brave that, and you may find her surprisingly loyal in her acerbic way. Just be careful of her long-range plans.

She might be a prude, she might be a trickster. Foxes are like that sometimes. She might be here to steal you far past the fields we know. And it might be worth letting her take you… got a few years to spare?