The storm sweeps dust in from past the horizon. And the bride waits for the Man with No Name looming behind her. A Western shoot-out’s impending, but why’d she bring two knives to a gun fight? The veil blows aside; what will she see when she turns and looks?

She’s in a bridal dress and the swords crossed below her crotch are bloody red, long before the fight. Is *your* marriage all red swords crossed at the groin? Is this argument really just “that time of the month” manifesting itself on one side or the other? But there isn’t really time to pause and reflect on that. Oh, wait, maybe there is. You might not think that “peace” is the right name for this card – maybe “stand-off” or “show-down” – but this is that precious last moment of it. Maybe the moment before you throw your swords down and talk your way into something longer-lasting. This might be your last chance.