Queen of Pentacles

Water of Fire.

Alone in a hot seaside cave, she contemplates her own image. As proud as the dragon she wears on her body, she preens by herself, coming out only when she pleases. The involute, the pale hidden beauty who sometimes thinks she’s too good for this world. Is that her own reflection or that of the serpent slithering within her?

Her mirror is her magic, trapped behind her plans.

Outside, the the trees are tropical. Yet she’s as pale as milk. Does she *ever* come out? Or does she rule from the shadows, pulling strings from afar to make what she wants happen? Her motives are her own; let’s hope they’re benevolent. Leave her to them and she may work wonders; get in her way and you might find out if there’s fire behind that smoke.

Which face is the real one? Which one is pretense? Is she a dragon or a dark reflection or a pale, red-headed woman? Does it matter? Know which one you’re dealing with at the moment – or at least have some idea – and act accordingly. One might not even remember the deals the other made; all that smoke makes her a bit scatterbrained at times.