King of Pentacles

Air of Fire.

Braggart, Munchausen, he’s been everywhere and done everything. How much truth do his tall tales hold? More than you might expect. Confident in himself, confident in his actions, he can be impulsive and even foolish. Hanging aloft in an airship, he lets the wind take him where it may – adventure is anywhere. Including his pants. But sometimes a cigar is just a cigar!

This is a man who will tell you fabulous lies. Or perhaps fabulous truths, it’s really hard to tell sometimes. Believe his promises at your peril; take his warnings with a grain of salt. But he’s probably not lying when he says he can show you a good time. He’s definitely lying when he says he’ll still respect you in the morning.

Elementally, an unruly combination – the planning, thinking and intellectual action of Air overlaid on the direct action, impulse, and magic of Fire.

Like the rest of the Pentacles court (except the Prince), the King sports a tattoo of a dragon. His is front and center on his chest. He’s the most extroverted of the Pentacles court by far – what’s the use of spinning tales of dramatic action without someone to weave them for? – and possibly the most outgoing all the Courts