Cavalier of Pentacles

Fire of Fire.

Dragonrider with a manic gleam in her eye. Generous when she needs to be but impetuous and wild; she’ll kick your ass and fuck you up if you’re between her and her momentary crusade. Dodge her long enough and she’ll lose interest; get too close and she might use you up without ever realizing it. She really shouldn’t be let out on her own, but who’s going to stop her? She leaves burnt ashes in her wake; she’s a wildfire sweeping across the land. This girl is trouble. But you’ll never call her boring!

Look closely at her credit card: the first and last sets of four digits are the beginning and end of the arc of the sky that this card ‘rules over’ (21st degree of Scorpio to 20th degree of Sagittarius); the second set of four is the number of the hexagram TAC says it corresponds to, repeated; the third term is just four random digits. The expiration date is 29/17; Nov 29 – Dec 17 is when the Sun is in Ophiuchus, which lies between Scorpio and Sagittarius but is not officially part of the zodiac because Thirteen Is Bad. (Does anyone really believe that any more? Do you? Does she? Besides, Ophiuchus is the great healer Asclepios grabbing a serpent. How cool would it be to be born under the sign of the Snake-Wrestlng Doctor?)

Is this the time to burn bright and leave a trail of destruction? Or is she a warning to not be the ruiner? Because it sure looks like she’s having *fun* burning down the house! Visit new lands, meet new people, maybe kill them. Maybe just be a tourist. Her card’s good everywhere she’s been so far…