Too much force applied too suddenly. A very rapid rush, but quickly passed and expended. Swiftness, rapidity, courage, boldness. Theft and robbery. (Are there eight swords involved in this caper, as well?)

Count the pentacles: there are five. Count them again: there are six. Count them again: there are eight. (Count them again: there are twelve.) Tricky, isn’t it? Salamander-raccoon isn’t sure what layer of meaning she should be parsed at. But right now it’s time for her to run like a hedgehog in her fireball-hurling quest to… smack the viewer in the face with magic, evidently. YOU GOT THE POWER-UP!

Are those creatures her friends or her foes? Is she playing Pokémon or Doom here? Or perhaps miss raccoon-mask is just trying to get your attention, little fool – where is she in her journey this time? She burns with flame and has *three* friends in this version – reptilebrain, fishbrain, dragonbrain. Which one whispers the best advice? No time to think; decide now! And trust your Higher Self to get it right.

Besides. You’ve got some extra mans. You can learn a little even if you fuck up and get sent back to the last checkpoint.