Ah, and now it’s time to test your courage. How well are you seated in the world, o Chariot? Here’s a nice hostage situation for you to work out. Can you rescue the princess without getting shot by her captors? The city’s in flames and it’s anyone’s guess who lit it. Never mind, the evening’s crisis is what’s here to deal with now.

If she’s got valor enough she’ll find a way in / she’ll leap out the window and take flight / she’ll keep from digging herself in worse.

Five above and two below; does she choose the strife or the will? Boldness would suggest the latter.

The Queen’s plans may be noble and beautiful, but down here in the trenches things get more complicated. It’s every hand for herself – or is it? React with well-trained habits to the crisis at hand, ride the instinctual animal, and there may be a happy ending for this episode of the story.

Is that crow at the top screaming “HELP ME” or “GO AWAY”?

Possible victory, but it won’t be easy. Obstacles with the courage to meet them.