“Will is in harmony with the world. Here is what you can make, if you dare. All of this is yours. Pride, wealth, conceit. Join with us and we can make all of this happen and more. We made this world for you; now go play in it. Bring some thought and plans to the pulsing energy of the cosmos; write out some great epics upon this canvas. Our creation is done; now is the time for you to go play in it.”

This is where it starts to get complicated, you see. Where the spiders start to weave their stories. Maybe some of them are traps. What’s hidden under her skirt, anyway?

The world curves up into the sky. A tiny false trap to be lost in, or a colossal ringworld big enough for hundreds of thousands of Earths laid flat like smashed oranges? Spring comes to all of that vastness at once, and here it is – flowers blossom, bees buzz, and it’s *time to get started doing something*.

So– go make something to equal the artifact you live in. Dream big and get started.