6: the Lovers

Transcend dualities. Yes or No, Left or Right, White or Black – binaries are easy lies to tell yourself. Find the third way. What’s the “maybe”? What’s the “forwards”? What’s the “grey”? Or, for that matter, the color.

The three lovers are red, green, and blue: the additive primaries. The red, blue, and yellow we’re taught as children are the *subtractive* primaries; they absorb the white light that falls upon them, and give less back. The additive primaries are those of colored lights; shine a red, green, and blue light in the same place, and you get white. This is somewhat restated by the iridescent rainbow triangle in the middle of the card.

Or you could go down the Divine Hermaphrodite road of interpretation, if you like. The girly-girl imagery kind of makes that hard, and you’d really be hard-pressed to find some wand-in-cup imagery here. On the other hand – all those laughing hands are covering their genitals; what do you think each of them has under their fingers? Maybe they just all like having boobs, regardless of their groins. Which one are you?