10: Fortune

She holds riches and destruction in the palms of her hands. And a pair of dice. Will you play? You have to, you know – she’s everywhere. She’s at the center of her wheel, old dame Luck, and she rules us all. Or at least that’s what she wants you to think. Are those dice loaded? Are you tricksy enough to substitute the ones you’ve loaded yourself? Everything is changing; find a place to grab it and hold on. On the other side of that endless checkered plane you’ll find a very different narrative – decide for yourself who’s in control.

Don’t ask her what the symbols mean. She gives a different answer every time. What’s she pointing to? What’s she reaching for? Lady Luck is solemn right now, but she’s painted piebald: she can be a jester, sometimes.

The wheel spins and spins. Usually this card is about Fortune’s wheel and the trials it imposes upon us, rising from the muck towards the stars, only to be cast down again for hubris. Or stretched and broken upon it. In this deck, Fortune’s personified. And let’s be honest; she’s not a nice lady. Do you think you can swipe that fortune from the palms of her hands? Well? Do you feel lucky, punk?