Queen of Cups

Water of Water.

A nearly-still pool of water, disturbed only by the ripples made by the slight shifting of latex-clad legs. Reflected in its surface, we see the Queen of Cups. Dreamy and laughing, we see nothing of her depths – only the mirror she holds up to the world. Liquid drips from her goblet, about to hide her image.

Where’s the real person? What’s behind the happy mask she presents to the world? You’ll never know. The truth about her is elusive; like water, she shifts shape to fill any role you pour her into. Her mirror is you, or she is yours. Eager to please and sometimes easy to hurt. But not for long; water is patient in its endless tides.

The healing balm of water, the cool, welcome lover’s kiss. Abandonment in passion – within limits.

Her love is as deep as the boundless blue sea, and as shallow as the cup she holds.