Prince of Cups

Earth of Water.

Welcoming and warm in the frozen places. An ice crystal eager and waiting to melt. Trusting and open despite being struck down; a child ready for unconditional love. The Queen is reluctant, the King is closed, the Chevalier is desperately lacking – but the Prince will give, and give, and give some more. Unjealous, unguarded, too good to be true. All sweetness and purity and romance. Or is he opening his arms to draw you in, and cling to you until he’s exhausted all of your warmth? His glass is half-full; perhaps he will leave yours all empty.

He fills the void of his heart with optimism. He’s been hurt and rejected before, but he still has hope. Can you give him what he needs? Do you want to? Connect with him and he’ll happily play with you for hours.