The water of life, held in the hands of three strange feminine creatures that fly between the planets. Out, perhaps, into the void. Was that machine mermaid built that way, or born a human? Is that octogirl a thing of flesh, or a rippling pool of water held in place by twisting force-fields? Honoring the forms of the oceans they left far behind, they reach for the stars, bringing life and merriment to whatever corners it may find.

Looming in the sky behind them are Mars and Pisces. Old Mars, the desert dreams of Barsoom blown away in the dust of the knowledge Viking brought us. There may have been a golden age of water there, with life blooming wildly, and perhaps there will be again if our dreams of terraforming become reality. But the hope of water lies in the patterns we find in the stars. Dream of the sky and dream of the future; bring to it what glee and joy you may. Keep the party rolling, don’t let the lights go out. Fizz and effervesce with delight until you run out of power somewhere alone and strange and cold – and who knows? Someone might still pick you up and get you running again, or wonder at the readout of your memories. Make them as long and complicated as you can.

More prosaically, if this card is inverted, stay away from the sushi tonight.