The Tarot of the Silicon Dawn

99 cards. Based on the Thoth and Golden Dawn decks. Hidden images that only appear when the light hits it just right. Fully prepared to give you the finger.

A modern Tarot with a graphic, sci-fi flavor. Now in stores! Ask your local game/comic/occult/book store to get a copy, or buy one from Amazon! It’s published by Lo Scarabeo over in Italy, and distributed in the US by Llewellyn. You can keep up with news about it on my blog, or maybe go Face-like it on Facebook.

There is also now a Twitter bot that tweets a card and its description every four or five hours. I’m working on a Mastodon bot as well.

If you’ve lost the book or just want to have the book in a searchable form on your phone, you can find a PDF of it here. Personal use only, please.

You might also want to download the images the Twitter bot uses (50m zipped) as an alternate quick-and-dirty phone deck. Some of the cards have expanded or edited text in this version.

If you want prints of a particular card, e-mail me and I’ll hook you up.