Lately I’ve been working on a little comic book about how to get started in Doing Magic. This is the parts that have been finished so far. It’ll probably be about fifty pages when it’s done.

Digital copies will be free. There’ll be some sort of printed edition for money, and a paid digital edition as well. If you wanna help support it being drawn then perhaps you would like to join my Patreon, where you can also see a lot of previews of stuff from later in the book. Sharing it with your friends helps support it too; more fans means a larger pool of people to multiply by about 1% of them being willing and able to throw some pocket change into my tip jar every month!

That’s all for now. There’s more on the way, and if you have a few bucks to spare each month you can see it taking shape by supporting me on Patreon. Or you can just wait patiently for it to all be done. Take care of yourself first before throwing money at me.