So I was reading this discussion on Reddit about “would you rather have a TARDIS or a Back To The Future Delorean?“. One person said, “I’d take the TARDIS – and probably 5-10 of my closest friends to come along”, and another said “Then you’d have enough people to pilot it correctly!”

And this got my gears grinding on how it might make for a pretty cool show to have six Timelords who can actually fly the damn thing right. The Doctor’s just this meddling tourist; I figure these folks might be GALIFREYAN TIME POLICE.

But they’re not some kind of regimented enforcer group. Oh, no. They’re still a motley collection of space fops, just like the Doctor. They’ve all got some signature Galifreyan multitool that they carry around the way the Doctor has his Sonic Screwdriver.

From L-R:

Mr. Smythe: He’s a slitherer-outer. He’d rather go around the back way most of the time. His multitool? It looks like a pocket-watch at first glance. He mostly uses it to mesmerize people, and to do very small-scale time twisting.

Sleet: He’s the physical muscle. Not that Timelords need it – he just likes to be buff. He’s pretty hands-on; mostly he is just better than you will ever be at any form of unarmed combat you can imagine, and ones you can’t.

The Tinkerer: She’s an impractical technologist type. She’s got centuries of fooling with machines behind her. She carries the ever-handy Sonic Screwdriver, with no small number of homebrew modifications. They don’t always work, because she’s too ADD to ever really finish implementing any of her modifications to its codebase and effectors.

The Duellist: He’s a vain, pale, willowy guy. He’s the one with the rapier wit to go with his twin force-blades, which take an insane variety of shapes depending on his mood – here, he’s got the white one in Chainsword mode. They can cut through damn near anything.

Chanteuse: She’s really just here for the hot alien nookie. Very much a sensualist, she’s the one most likely to get captured by the enemies of the moment and turn up later with a few turncoats in tow. Her Galifreyan tech tends to be little things, embedded in jewelry.

Erin: She’s the baby of the group at a mere one and an half centuries. She’d really rather still be faffing about with her friends, but her parents made her join the Time Corps to broaden her horizons, use up a couple regenerations, that sort of thing.

Their TARDIS is a brand-new Type 43. In Galifreyan chronology, they predate the Doctor’s decision to go renegade – his stolen Type 40 was an old model in for repairs, whereas their 43 is freshly grown. It calls itself “Six Elder Candles”, on the rare occasions it bothers to talk. Mostly it’s busy off in Infinite Fun Space.

I was tempted to have one of them be less human, but I wanted to draw something that could conceivably be a show made on a modest budget.