Warm Sporran

Warm Sporran

Man I dunno about that page title. I’ve gotta fill it with something and I’m really just out of crypto jokes. So instead you get a Jethro Tull song that came up while I was posting this. I guess I could just do the page number (this is 120) but that’s really, really boring…

The dude having a quiet smoke in the left side of the lower right panel is Badou from Shirow Miwa’s “Dogs”, which I picked up at the library last week and am kinda quietly in love with. There’s some really solid cartooning going on in that book.

Anyway. This is the first page I’ve done since setting up a Patreon campaign, and thanks to the generosity of the folks who’ve pledged, my drink at the cartoonist meetup tonight will be paid for by this page. Huzzah! If you wanna help support this comic, and maybe give me a bit of a carrot to push myself to work more on it, then go check it out. Or you could keep enjoying it and maybe buy books when I print ’em, whatever, I’ll keep drawing it anyway.

6 thoughts on “Warm Sporran

  1. Random thought: To avoid the “uncanny valley” effect, an android AI would have to mimic a lot of unnecessary artifacts of life — like blinking, or slight shifts in balance while standing, or pausing for breath while speaking.

    In a world where AIs had personhood, it’s easy to imagine conspicuous refusal to use those psychologically-appeasing behaviors becoming a political statement about the cultural relationship between AIs and humans. A rejection of “biological privilege,” if you will.

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