Viking Funeral

Viking Funeral

I was originally going to have some kind of funeral rite being spoken by Gary4 in the first couple of panels, but I couldn’t get something written that didn’t feel like words for the sake of words. So I went with silence.

Also, in an amusing bit of life imitating art, I lost my hat on the bus this past weekend. It hasn’t turned up in their lost and found yet; if it still hasn’t appeared by next Monday when I call them again, I’ll assume it’s gone, and go hunting for a new one. Because winter in Seattle means needing something to keep the drizzle off; everyone thinks you’re a tourist if you use an umbrella, and I’m really just not a hoodie kinda gal.

[Later: Carol’s car used to be a Mazzigatti until Nick said that sounded like a comedy knockoff of Maserati, so I found an Italian cryptographer to namecheck instead – Silvio Micali, one of the co-discoverers of zero knowledge proofs.]

9 thoughts on “Viking Funeral

  1. Do you know anyone who works for the transit system? I lost a box of my Mom’s tools on the bus over on the righthand coast, and we’re it not for social networking we’d have never got it back.

    • Sadly no! I haven’t tried calling again yet this week, I really ought to. And then go on a HATQUEST if it hasn’t turned up.

  2. I’ve just finished a read-through from page one. Wow. What a brilliantly brilliant thing you’re doing here. But I guess you already knew that. I love the image of Robo-Rita (can I call her Robo-Rita?) stretched out on the cafe table, toying with the bullet she just snatched out of the air!

    • Thanks!

      Is it surprising that I mostly think of it as “adequate”? The growing pile of rejection letters keeps me humble. Which is probably for the best, as if I thought it was the best thing ever I might quit worrying about things like “is this story still coherent”.

      I mostly call her Rita1, but Robo-Rita works too. So does Blue Rita.

      • You’re into something unique with Rita, and that’s an iffy place for any artist to be. You’ll have to let us total strangers remind you of how very well you’re doing. I hope it helps. And did I mention how much fun those multiples of Rita1 dashing across the rooftop are?

        • It’s definitely good to hear people praising this from the other side of the realism/abstraction canyon! (Man, I still can’t believe you’re planning to do a WHOLE COMIC painted like that, my hat is off to you.)

          The multiple images are mostly me indulging the part of me that still wants to be an animator. WILD SMEARS WHENEVER POSSIBLE!

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