8 thoughts on “The Vinyl Solution

    • Matt’s a huge influence on me! One of the initial stylistic signposts for my Illustrator work was ‘like his hand-separated colors on early PB/SH’.

    • Curses, you have seen through my clever plot. Next you’ll be guessing that Rita is the Unseen Girl, and the eyes and tentacles in the background are C’thulu trying to break through the prison the Cubists of Parma have her trapped in, so she can make a secret appearance at the Bulldaggers’ next gig.

      Oh shit did I say that out loud. Well there goes the surprising reveal!

  1. Back in the ’80s, I was in the Air Force and stationed in Mississippi. Every payday I would drive across the border to Tuscaloosa in Alabama to shop at a small record shop near the university called “The Vinyl Solution.” Best record store in the south.

  2. Matt Howarth and Vaughn Bode are my top two favorite Comics Artists. And you are right up there with them. Keep up the Great Work.

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