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  1. Thanks so much for this. I had to use a backhoe to dig out my Little Nemo compilation. I’d forgotten… those comics are like some kind of tremendous drug… art neurons are going off like Jiffy Pop, if you know what I mean and I think you do.

    • Oh I know that so well. When my parents gave me the Nostalgia Press collection when I was a little kid – the one with the dragon on the cover – it just opened whole new worlds for me. I wouldn’t say it’s a thing that made me decide to Do Comics but it sure as hell got me interested in them. Especially when a later birthday or Christmas saw them upping the ante with the Smithsonian Book Of Comic Strips. Kin-Der-Kids! Pogo! Krazy Kat! Polly and her Pals! And MORE LITTLE NEMO!

      I am debating if the next real page of the comic is gonna be a huge majestic view of the Last Rock Before Enlightenment; I jokingly called up the spirit of that ol’ obsessive visual savant Winsor, and now I kinda want to pay my respects to him for real in the stuff that’s a permanent part of the story.

    • also oh god holy cats I just caught up on Pepperpot and oh my goddddddd I wanna know what happens next now that you’re out of the initial ‘meet Pepper in the 20s’ pages. SO PRETTY, kicking your starts so hard when they happen.

      • You’re very generous. And thank you for sharing. I love hearing about why artists do what they do… and I just realized why A Trick of the Tail’s been playing in my head for hours.

  2. The funniest part to me is that this page can be entirely canon without actually ending or invalidating the storylines, with the whole mixed multiverse thing and all.

  3. HAHAHA!! I had not actually seen this page before meeting you, and now it explains a number of things. I love it when even when I get the explanation before the joke, the joke is still funny. Not that I wouldn’t have fully gotten the joke anyway, but holding that magnificence in my hands was a tremendous honour and joy. Thank you. :)

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