Slow Time

Slow Time

Ughhhhh this page took beyond forever. I’m sure you can see why. I’m really glad I’ve made my peace with this; most advice on Making Comics On The Web tends to emphasize HAVE A SCHEDULE AND STICK TO IT COME HELL OR HIGH WATER but that advice also tends to come from strippers, who have a much more limited canvas to work on. (And hell, I’m sticking to my official schedule: “aim for two pages a week, don’t fret when that doesn’t happen”. Real life gets in the way, and so does making crazy detailed pages when the story demands it.)

Wanna see some progress shots from this page? Go here.

As with the previous EPIC PAGE, if you’re backing my Patreon campaign you get a high-res copy of that last panel.

I’m off to Portland for Furlandia, maybe I’ll see you there! The next page is a LOT simpler and might even get finished on the train down there.

Oh yeah, and this is the last page of chapter 16″.

2 thoughts on “Slow Time

    • This page is full of cameos! Sadly most of them are too tiny to see but I KNOW THEY’RE THERE.

      I kept giggling at that line through the entire process of making this page. I am glad to know it’s not just me!

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