? parse error retry from start

? parse error retry from start

Holy shit it’s another page! Two in one week!

I got this finished Thursday night, so I get to post it for this week. I dunno if I’ll have another one on next Thursday what with ECCC but WHAT THE HELL.

(Also – I’ll be at ECCC! Booth 2503, hidden in a corner among tattooists and autograph sellers and stuff. Next year I gotta grab a booth earlier.)

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    • It pretty much assumes that (a) you’ve read it from the beginning, and (b) that you’ve encountered some other reality-fuck stories before. And the way I’m telling the story just doesn’t leave much room to slow down and have clear explanations of What’s Going On; if you have two or three conflicting explanations for why this woman is living four parallel lives, then you’re confused about what I want you to be confused about!

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