Page 155

Page 155

So much for that buffer. I spent the last week doing pretty much nothing but playing video games and having a cold.

The next page is mostly done, so that should be going up on schedule. All I have for after that is my outline, so I guess I’d better get to drawing. But right now the sun is about to set and I’m probably going to fall back into the mindless embrace of trying to get a 100+ kill streak in Diablo 3 or something.

6 thoughts on “Page 155

    • Normally a comment like this would make me worry, but this page is kind of intended to leave you going “what?”.
      (Also the panel on the lower left is a lot more cluttered than I wanted it to be; it’ll look a lot better in the printed version when all the black in it becomes spot gloss.)

    • Yay!

      This isn’t even the first time I’ve done time dilation via dialogue spacing; see chapter 3. Which I blame nobody for not remembering what with me doing it the first time about three and a half years ago.

    • Hey, if Rita can do it with an unspecified bullet from a sniper rifle…

      Possibly a little unrealistic, but we’re also talking about reflexes that can react to a bullet in the short space it takes to travel across a single office. I suspect if I did the math both Janelle and Rita might have to have FTL interior wiring and crazily high-power muscle analogs.

      Or maybe I’ll just go back and change that to a neurotoxin-loaded bullet or something, I dunno. I’ve got a definite plan for this whole story but I make up the details as I go along.

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