5 thoughts on “Page 150

  1. The face has been here a while. Go back to Page 146. And 141, 144 & 145.
    It is the Goddess.
    I love how she looks on 146.
    This face looks like a close up of the older lady from page 145. Maybe its her merging with the goddess?
    Trust Margaret – Whatever is happening here will be cool.

    • I don’t think this is the same face as the Goddess (although perhaps her face isn’t always the same, comparing 141 and 146) – leaving aside the bags under the eyes, the cheeks, cheekbones and nose seem different to me. I went over to the cast page and couldn’t find anyone who matched.

      But yes, I trust it will be cool.

  2. The “older lady from 145” is Rita:Green – in the :Green timeline, she has grown old with her friends, and has decided to kick the bucket (with a high kick no less) while she still has the mental acuity to make the choice. I think the background face is in fact Rita – call her Rita:Black. The “eye-eye-eye” of last page is becoming “I-I-I”: as the :Green, :Red, and :Orange timelines approach their end, :Black is waking up. (:Blue doesn’t look like an ending, but given Rita:Blue’s current activities, her end is likely to be sudden and violent.)

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