Page 149

Page 149

I was tempted to build a 3d model of this flying pirate ship to get this up-shot looking right, but I won’t be drawing it any more after this. Not worth the time. Instead I just looked at some pirate ships on in their 3d viewer and eyeballed it.

I can’t help but think that this is a pretty cool artifact of living in the future. I can look at a 3d model of a pirate ship without ever even leaving my browser.

Next page status: 150 and 151 are done; 152 has a sketch and will finish this chapter at long last!

3 thoughts on “Page 149

  1. Your tags seem to be malformed. Periods instead of commas separating them, I guess, so they come out as one. Also, you don’t mention the panopticon or mysterious stranger or the goddess or anything. (Though that may be intentional.)

    Anyway, I like the sort of skydiving like image. Am I right in assuming they flew above the goddess so that rita could down into her/it? Or is she flying somehow as well as falling?

    • Oh hey wow I sure did screw up the tags on this one badly, thank you! The Panopticon and Goddess should definitely be mentioned here.

      And yeah, your first assumption is correct: flying “above” the Goddess for a dramatic leap.

      (There is a lot of Skylands orbital mechanics I have really left unspoken; the Goddess’s head is the central point around which everything orbits,mans She does have a pretty hefty gravity field. So this close, barring whatever magical gravity manipulation is going on with the airships, She is definitely going to be down. Normally I would avoid explaining stuff in comments like this, but, well, the story’s done and there’s nowhere to slip it in later on, and I don’t think its a super important thing to communicate precisely.)

  2. I think it’s interesting to know even though I’ll grant you that it’s not vital to the story. Although your description not has me imagining the Wild Blue from the Lady Blackbird RPG, which adds another layer to the Skylands, for me at least.

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