Page 146

Page 146

It’s a page!

Next page status: 4 panels; 3 roughed, one finished. Patreon supporters can see the whole chapter in its current state.

And now to go run some errands, then decide between drawing some more Rita, drawing some other stuff, or playing more Dragon Age Inquisition.

5 thoughts on “Page 146

    • When I closed the store after dealing with the drawn-out process of shipping book 2’s Kickstarter copies, I said I’d be opening it up around the new year. I have temporarily opened it up with joke Black Friday/Cyber Monday prices, because I really kinda detest how huge the First Shopping Day For Christmas!!!! has become; I am toying with leaving it open with more normal prices for a few weeks afterwards.

  1. Gorgeous Page. I love the goddess. I had to go back and see where I had missed her on pages 141, 144 & 145. Simply STUNNING. It simply oozes Matt Howarth.
    Also, the arc of the pages reflects the arc of the wings of the ship very well. I love this page. Of course, I love the entire comic, but this page is a High Point.

    • In sequences like this, the first thing I draw is actually the overall flow of the panels, so the ship was composed to harmonize with that, not the other way around!

      I am also pretty sure that my use of Illustrator means I can knock out crazy hatch patterns like this a LOT faster than Howarth can with pen and ink. I used to do a lot of ink work, and I miss the look sometimes, but I don’t miss the sheer hassle of drawing all those lines myself. Not when I can do huge radial patterns like this in seconds.

    • Well. This is the first page where I finally understood what the “Face of the Goddess” was about…

      Before I just never realized what I was seeing…

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