My uncle has a country place that no-one knows about…

My uncle has a country place that no-one knows about…

Monday, instead of finishing this page before Tuesday’s page went up, I went out running in the evening. I’m mmmaybe attempting the Couch-to-5k thing with the help of the Zombies, Run! app. Then when I got home I basically collapsed in front of Skyrim until midnight. My lizard-girl assassin is now receiving visions from the dessicated corpse that runs the Assassin’s Guild.

So I spent Tuesday working on this, and now I get to spend all Wednesday working to try and have something in the buffer again once this page goes live. A minor setback in Project Build A @#$% Buffer, but I’m not letting it get me down.

PS. You should basically be playing your favorite THIS FAST CAR IS WAY COOL song while reading this entire chapter.

ALSO! Elon Musk is talking to Google about putting their autodrive technology in Tesla’s cars! Bits of this story are set a looong while from now, but other bits are really only about a decade off. HELLO FUTURE.

4 thoughts on “My uncle has a country place that no-one knows about…

  1. 1) I like how you use the lines at the top and the bottom of the page to give the effect of speed, as well as the background. Well played!

    b) Good luck with the 5K! I’d join you, but right now, my hip’s messed up enough that I can’t even go on the long walks I like, let alone try to upgrade that to a run. When is your 5K going to be?

    • 1. Thanks!
      2. No particular plans, I just want to make myself RUN so I can be in proper shape if a friend ever comes through on their threat to make a Rita costume for me.

  2. I wanted to read the text in the black command line, but I don’t think the data is there. Was it intentionally blurred? It looks like a readable size.

    • It’s all there, just low contrast. I had to zoom in to read it just now:

      ### injecting exploits

      ### buffer overrun… failed
      ### fuzzing motor cpus… failed
      ### trying cached keys……… gotcha
      ### userland access acquired, trying escalation
      ### working……………………..

      A lot of that stuff is more readable in the printed volumes, if you’re willing to tilt the book back and forth to get the light just right on the spot gloss I print it in.

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