Four choices.

Four choices.

This is probably the only time you will ever see me drawing perfectly symmetrical figures. Symmetry is deadening, and I like everything to be lively. But nobody’s inhabiting these four chassis right now; they should look just as alive as your clothes hanging in the closet. Their subsentient systems are keeping them standing and balanced, but there’s no mindcore there to turn them into a person.

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15 thoughts on “Four choices.

  1. Take the pattern Changing. If Monsieur Boche is working on Invisibility he should have it nailed soon. As long as C’Thulu keeps his tentacles out of the fabber.

    • Henry is charitably not mentioning the immense quantities of “research chemicals” Oscar as been keeping Boche supplied with during this work. Or he may simply have not noticed. This is Henry we’re talking about, after all.

  2. Get the battery powered one, I bet it runs quietest. They’ll still have the shiftjob if they ever work out invisibility, and it’s not worth it until they get there.

    • There’s a few references here and there. Conrad Schnitzler wanders past a window with his Klangman at one point, and this chapter has a cameo of Savage Henry as one of the people who builds Rita’s bodies. Plus the style I’m using for this comic owes a ton to Matt’s old hand-separated covers, and its structure may or may not be based on what he did in Those Annoying Post Bros #6. And his ‘Sonic Curiosity’ strips really changed the course of my musical taste, though it was filtered through ‘what Tower Records stocked’ back then so I never snagged any of your work.

      And yeah. …and then. I’ve talked to him a little and gotten a few hints at the …and then.

  3. This post (and the one which spawned the question, I think) makes me wonder how budgets and fiscal years fit with post-capitalism. The best I’ve come up with is that normal needs (food, shelter, and apparently a lot of other everyday stuff and luxuries) are basically free, but for bigger stuff, there’s still an economy at work. So, no one has to work to survive or even to have a pretty awesome life, but beyond a point, resources start having a cost.

    Not sure if that’s what you were going for or not. Or even how much you’ve thought about it. But I guess I took the Ask Rita question that you’ve probably thought about it some… :-)

    • Yeah. I’m inconsistent in my thinking on this, to be honest, and haven’t really dug into it too far. My current thinking is a pretty strong basic income is going on, but stuff like having ten different special-ops chassis for one person is still going to require serious Budget.

      If I ever do another story set in Future Rita’s world, I may have to sit down and be more specific about all of this. And more consistent.

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