Branch Table Reconstruction

Branch Table Reconstruction

Sorry this one didn’t make it up last week, everyone. These three-world pages are just HARD TO DO.

This is, at long last, the FINAL PAGE of chapter X. There’s only chapter XI left to do, which should be shorter than this one was, and then it’s off to Kickstarter for book 2. And speaking of Kickstarter, here’s a couple cool comics that’re kickstarting books…

Yu+ME Dream, omnibus edition, and Spacetrawler book 3. Yu+ME involves layered dream realities, lesbian romance, and an amazing kaleidoscope of drawing styles; Spacetrawler is a comic space opera about slavery. Yu+ME is finished, Spacetrawler will be done when this third book goes out. And you can read ’em both for free online, too: Yu+Me, Spacetrawler. Go check ’em out and maybe buy the books!

9 thoughts on “Branch Table Reconstruction

  1. So, that new ‘how to read the comic’ popover is probably helpful to someone who’s been trying to read the comic for a bit but failing, but it needs to be more obvious how to close it. Maybe it should only come up if someone clicks on a “Help?” link or something.

    • I used to say that all the time when I was like ten. Margaret E. Trauth. Suuuuuuuuper geeeeeeenius.

      Pretty much all my early layouts look like that! Mostly I put ’em more on model, but sometimes I can’t stop giggling at an especially derpy one and keep it alllll the way to the end.

      • I was a suuuuuper geeenius when I was ten, too.
        Less so now.

        I really regret putting off writing to Chuck Jones ’til I missed the chance.
        I try not to make that mistake anymore.

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