A Pause Between Stories

A Pause Between Stories

This one took a while! Lots of finicky stuff. It would have taken less time if I hadn’t come up with silly titles for the books in the second panels of the lower tiers, but sometimes you just have to do these things.

I dunno if we’ll ever see Tom10 (Heckboy) or Tom12 (Steampunk Vampire) again. I had to draw the entirety of each Tom, so here’s that panel without the world-layer effects…

Robot TomHuman TomSteampunk Vampire TomHeckboy Tom

And also here is a shot of the library close enough to read it. If you can figure out what all of the titles are mutations of, then… you’re probably me.

ALSO here is a model sheet I finally threw together of Dragon Rita. I really need to make these for more of the characters, to be honest. I’m lazy.

5 thoughts on “A Pause Between Stories

  1. Ooooh. I can’t resist the challenge! Let me see how many of these I know…

    Zorp I, II, III: riffs on Zork, of course.

    To Serve Dragons: To Serve Man, the Twilight Zone episode…

    Unteleported Woman: Bester’s The Demolished Man?

    L’Incal Rogue: The Incal, I presume?

    Queen Of The Demonweb Bits(sp?): A riff on good ol’ module Q1 and Lolth…

    The Right Hand of Boom: Left Hand Of Darkness?

    Kief Emu: Keif Llama, Xenotech, natch.

    Queen City: King City, the comic/GN?

    Myff Abvengeance: Myth Adventures, surely.

    Genus: Girl: Natch, Girl Genius…

    A Brief History of Emusoft: Jeff Minter callout? What is it with Emus and Llamas? :-)

    Molly And Her Pals: Polly and Her Pals, presumably, but was it also a riff on Polly and the Pirates?

    Crying of Lot 23: Crying of Lot 49, certainly.

    And I think I see a copy of Principia Discordia (and a Little Nemo volume?) tucked away in there somewhere.

    The rest, sadly, I’m blank on…

    • Weel done – you made all of one and a half wrong guesses!

      “The Unteleported Woman” is actually riffing on PKD’s “The Unteleported Man”; a Dick shout-out is kind of a MUST for this comic.

      I used a French title for “The Incal” because my copy is a French edition, with the title “L’Incal Lumiére”.

      And “Molly and her Pals” is only riffing on the Cliff Sterrett.

      and oh man I am having SO MUCH FUN with the expressions in this thing!

    • hahaha that’s how I get you to buy the large-size omnibus in a couple years!

      Or the smaller volumes, which are still 300dpi and show more of the details…

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