15 thoughts on “A Gripping Performance

    • I’m a transwoman, so I’ve still got those masculine tonalities available. I can even do SCARY METAL COOKIE MONSTER VOCALS every now and then, if I’m willing to cough like crazy afterwards.

  1. The sustained note at the end was, in retrospect, absolutely necessary. Hee hee hee.
    I finally managed to catch up on this. Glad to see more stuff from you. Your ideas are unique, as they should be for any creator, and is it always a struggle to get them out as close to your brain’s view while trying to get it somewhat accessible to other people to share?
    (not so new reader, remember you from the muck days, not that you might recall – your memory of me would be spotty, at best. ahem.)

    • The sustained note is not GOOD but it is what it NEEDS, narratively! Tom is not a good singer.

      Yeah, accessibility is a constant struggle. I’ve got to constantly balance “explaining things” against “not wanting the story to drag”. And the parallel storylines only make it worse, as I’ve got to make sure that things crescendo in the right places against each other! I have a slowly growing audience, so I guess I must be getting it right more often than not.

      And sadly my memory of pretty much everything in the muck days is pretty spotty.

  2. Man, that first blue panel must have been an annoyance to draw. But it looks great, so thanks for all the hard work.

    Interesting to note that Rita4 is growing some ivy. Hmmm.

    • Thanks! It was not QUITE as annoying to draw as it was the first time around.

      (I came VERY close to drawing it from scratch with just-different-enough design, but decided that creating resonance through repetition was more important to the story than being HARD CORE and doing it again.)

  3. Is that a persistence of vision sword?

    And I have to say that the Very Sorry Song is very very… special… I still have tears in my eyes. You could have left it at just the comic and it was hilarious, but hearing it actually sung, brings it to a whole new level.

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