<> lost maps

Well that was a longer break than I intended it to be. It’s been a complicated winter, when it hasn’t been one with absolutely no energy for working on anything. Sorry about the wait, everyone!

Book 3 is quite thoroughly planned out. I’m excited to get back to it, and hope it all hangs together – there’s a fine line between ‘explaining too much’ and ‘not explaining a damn thing’ that realityfuck stories like this have to walk, in my opinion, but I know I’m too damn close to the story to really know if I’m explaining quite enough. (Which reminds me: thanks a ton to everyone who’s commented in the past, saying they’re confused by one part or another of the story, and patiently suffered me editing bits of the previous pages instead of just explaining exactly what you were wondering. I think the story’s better for it.)

I’m sure a lot of you are also wondering about book 2. Vacations and sick leave on the printer’s end slowed things down, plus me getting some hellacious con crud after this year’s Further Confusion. Getting book 2 dealt with is pretty high on my list of priorities right now.

Anyway. This is going to be the last third of the story. There’s things coming up that I’ve been planning since before I even drew the first page, so that should be fun to finally draw. Thanks for sticking around, everyone.