Book 3/omnibus thoughts

I have finally gotten some quotes in for printing book 3 and/or the omnibus.

After the results being pretty split on skipping to the omnibus, I’m probably going to print both volume 3 and the omnibus. My rough thoughts are as follows:

Initial campaign: $10k. Book 3 would be $25, as would the omnibus in the form of a book the same cover size as the previous volumes (5.5×8.5″), but much thicker. Separate tiers for book 3, omnibus, and both; high-end backers would probably get their choice of 3/omni/both.

First stretch goal: $15k. Omnibus becomes three times as wide as the existing volume, and slimmer. This is really the form I want it to be in, and if I almost make this stretch goal I’ll probably throw in some of my money to make it happen.

Second stretch goal: Unlocks a hardback option of the omnibus. Not sure on the numbers of that yet. Need to make some more quotes happen now that I have an idea of the feasibility of the omnibus in the first place.

Further stretch goals: Tart up the hardback omnibus. Embossed clothbound plus a dust cover.

Also maybe throw some stickers for everyone into one of those stretch goals, I dunno. Maybe add french flaps to the softbound omnibus.


Does seeing that the omnibus will cost the same as a book 3 change anyone’s opinions on the prospect of me skipping it altogether?

One thought on “Book 3/omnibus thoughts

  1. That triple-width omnibus stretch goal sounds cool, especially if it is hardback. (Not an opinion change. The omnibus remains my first choice.)

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