Tonight I was looking at the Piperka page for Decrypting Rita. And noticed the “related” links on the right side. The highest score was to a cut-n-paste comic about guinea pigs, the second highest score lead to a domain squatter. “A Distant Soil”, okay now we’re getting somewhere, I never tried reading it but I’ve heard good things about it, Amara’s sister Raina’s “SMILE”, then something called “Spacetrawler“.

Which I just read. In its entirety. All 178 pages. And stuck in my LJ friends list (<lj-user=”spacetrawler”> for those of you who are also still using LJ as their main feed consumption method). So much for trying to get to sleep at a reasonable time. If you haven’t discovered it yet, then go check it out – it’s a pretty nice piece of smart, comedic SF.

(Spacetrawler‘s not the reason you’re reading this instead of seeing a new page of Rita; I decided that I needed a vacation, and didn’t touch a pen, stylus, or brush at all today. It is however the reason I’m going to bed at 2AM instead of midnightish…)

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