the invitation

“The emergent complex asks for just twenty years of your time. Now stand and sing…” – Gary Panter, The Rozz-Tox Manifesto


Okay, so, first: go read this page if you need a refresher on what this show is about. Then come back here.

Parallax was designed from the ground up to be far too big for one person to accomplish on their own. Originally, it was intended to be pitched to animation studios, and still may end up at one of those. But in the meantime we believe enough in it to sink some of our own money into trying to make it happen. If you have been given a link to this page then we are interested in paying you to expand this universe.

Currently, we are mostly doing it as web comics: starting around $40-50/page for B&W, growing to around $100/p, maybe more for color, as the Patreon grows. 10-15 page stories, from script/layouts provided by Nick and Peggy.

As the Patreon grows further, we will be cutting these comics up to be storyboards for 10min cartoons. Funny how they work for that so well, isn’t it? At that point we will need a whole host of people: 3D modellers, animators, voice talent, performance animation gurus, musicians, and some people who know the dozens of other roles I’m not thinking of here.

If you are interested in working on this and haven’t already said “oh hell yeah” in person, then send some email to egyp[email protected] with the “The Parallax Working” in the subject line, and whatever combination of resume/portfolio links/a couple samples/etc feels good to you.

You don’t have to be a genderqueer furry witch to get involved with this, but you need to be comfortable dealing with working for and with that sort of person. Also, having a Telegram account will be pretty useful.