Vx 1-10

24.3.6: Ye Beastie.

  1. Be forthwith and unafraid of the luminous angels you may meet. You can recognize them by their colors: white with a blue-and-silver halo, black with a halo of golden spiderwebs, and maroon with a small measure of crystalline halos are the most common. Refer to appendix 24.18 for further details on less-common tranches of angels.
  2. Thou wilt know the Keepers by their blue-and-silver halo. Keepers may assume many forms during the course of their duties, and are like the furnace of a star if not pacified. To greet a Keeper, vibrate S?QGt’VGOOf, and pet its snoot in your friendliest manner.

— VX6, Codex Serenissima, Fourteenth Revision (completely depreciated in VX8)

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