Yesterday I got the second printing of Rita 1. All 600 books.

This morning, I put them all into the shelves I store my merch on. These shelves are now pretty much completely full.

I am kinda worried about what happens when 400 copies of book 2 arrive. It’ll go down to about 200 once I ship them out, and removing the two boxes full of first-edition copies of book 1 that were sold to backers of the second Kickstarter should help – but I am pretty sure my studio will be annoyingly full of boxes for a few days. Ah well. That’ll motivate me to deal with the shipping sooner, I guess.

Some comics-making friends of mine are talking about sharing a warehouse downtown, both to store our various books in and to have a place to work that is Not Our Homes. I will be delighted to have this happen, as it will mean I can have my closet back!

What else. The other day I sent a photo and brief bio to a tumblr called “We Are Comics”, whose aim is to make a statement about the perception of the old superhero guard that comics are By Men And For Men. Here’s the photo. If you can identify all that stuff then you are cool.


Most people seemed to just go with holding up signs (or word balloons) that said “I Am Comics” but I felt like being more elaborate. So I raided my library for stuff that was Important to me as a kid growing up, and threw my own books in the pile as well. All SF and fantasy and strange worlds; screw the corporate-owned superdudes.


Then I was all, hey, I need to put these comics away so I have my studio back, but before I finish I think I’ll have lunch with an old friend I haven’t visited in a while.


Oh yeah. Still as utterly amazing as it was when I was five.

Anyway. Now I should take a shower and maybe get some drawing done before Nick comes over. We might go hang at a friend’s boardgame night, or we might just chill around the apartment, because he’s driving me to a con in upstate WA tomorrow. And then there’s the Glitch Mob show on Sunday evening, which I’m also dragging him to. BASS! DANCE! WHEEE!

some old art going into storage



While I was at the store grabbing those little notebooks, I also got a cheap portfolio to finally put a loose pile of old art into the closet instead of having it kicking around the living room.

College stuff. Cut paper on the left, ink and colored film on the right. I feel like the Thoth poster (assignment: ‘do a cut paper poster for a Mardi Gras krewe’, I chose the one that let me get away with TEH FURREH) may have been one of my first attempts at my current Illustrator style, perpetrated in the unforgiving medium of cut paper. And oh man I was such a Matt Howarth fanboy when I did the one on the right.
Text: “Miss July, 1990 Paul Trauth”. I think it was not insignificant that I allocated this ‘centerfold’ to my birth month. I was still a guy at this point – but the gender stuff was definitely an undercurrent, I think.


There’s like three more pages of this but they really look like I was sick of the story and just wanted to finish it. I really love the way I was so consistent with the Cubist nature of that treasure chest.


Guess what? I didn’t quit drawing her. Didn’t get a sex life, either. From a college-era sketchbook in the same pile. Which is completely full of hesitant pencils and overly-precious inking like this. I stuck this sketchbook on the shelf where all the sketchbooks go – mostly the ones I’ve filled since Katrina, but there’s a few early ones in there as well that I chose as representative of a giant box of the things my mom still had.

There was some other stuff in this pile too – a scratchboard drawing of a lamia in front of a full moon, an ad layout pasted up for an already-obsolete-as-I-was-taking-it graphic design class, other college stuff. Maybe I’ll photograph some of it the next time this portfolio surfaces.

IMG_0485I stuck all the flat stuff in the portfolio, then grabbed a marker and drew this on the outside, and stuffed it into the deepest recesses of my living room closet. I’ll find it in another few years when I move out, giggle at it, possibly post some of it again (I know I’ve posted some of this shit before), then stuff it in the new place’s closet until the next move.

Always label your storage, even if it’s just to calligraph an elegant “WTF?” on the side of a box filled with miscellaneous stuff.


the sound of my nostalgia

At long last, I have finally found a source for mp3 rips of the music from “Shadow of the Beast”. I’d had the music from Beast 2 and 3 for a while, but the best I had for the original game was the off-key music from the PC Engine port.

I don’t know if it really holds up for new listeners. It’s a mere four channels of 8-bit samples. There’s no humanity to the playing, despite some very earthy, windy instruments. But to me it was the sound of wonder; Shadow of the Beast was the first game that really started to experiment with what the Amiga could do in terms of sound and video. Sadly it was also not really much as a game, with terrible disk load times to boot. But who cared? It was light years beyond what the other home systems could do.

Anyway: I got the music from here, and it’s a pretty decent rip. It sounds like being eighteen and amazed did to me. And because this stuff seems to be so rare, I’m also posting it right here to my site, after cleaning up the tags and adding some album art. Enjoy.

01 Intro
02 Main Title
03 Beast – Deep Cave
04 The Forests
05 Battle on the Fields
06 Beast’s Stronghold
07 Underwater

oh hello seattle

I open the blinds and look out the window. Grey skies. Rain. Wind. Oh man it's gonna be cold out isn't it.

I open the window and lean out. And it's a little chilly – but I can also hear the rain now. And I can smell all the ozone it's carried down from the sky. And suddenly, I'm happy about this weather. Now I kinda want to go for a walk.

I may have gone native here.

Though on the other hand if it was ten degrees warmer it'd be a perfectly normal New Orleans spring day. And the sound of cars shoooshing by on a wet street is a comforting noise to me, after growing up on a moderately busy street down there. Maybe this is triggering childhood memories despite being about as far from home as you can get in the continental US.